It’s crucial for first time developers to get advice on how to plan and execute their developments. Many management teams place increasing value on the time-consuming yet essential process of scoping a board; but many Boards may not have the experiance or resources necessary to develop a facility or campus. This is where professional and skilled advisory services pay dividends throughout the project lifecycle.

Understanding project objectives and requirements, along with formulating and implementing effective project strategies and solutions are key to successful projects. Through our project advisory services, ACADIQ assists and supports you and your team in your project initiatives to establish, understand and action the key aspects of:

– what to do (and why to do it),

– how best to go about it,

– how much should it cost,

– and how best to implement it, operate it, maintain it

Our project advisory services can be focused on specific stages or aspects of your projects, or if required, we can work with you through the entire project development process.

Advisory Services at project initiation and planning include:

  • Program Assessments
  • Governance and Execution Methodology Assessments
  • Benchmarking Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Contracting Strategy Assessments
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Front End Planning Reviews

Operational Advisory Services includes expertise in:

  • Operations, Engineering, Maintenace, Cleaning, Security, and Food Services
  • Operational Cost Management and Control
  • Risk Management
  • Owner Representative Services
  • Procurement Advisory
  • PMO Services
  • Green Technologies

Early Guidance Yeilds the Greatest Opportunities in Campus Development

The opportunity for Boards and Campus developers to make significant contributions to enhance the development strategy, and improve the campus development is limited over the Project Life Cycle.

Maximum returns on investment are not realised while a development is under construction, but are achieved in the predevelopment and design phase. When construction works commence, changes and adjustments in direction cost significant amounts of money, many of which can be avoided if properly planned.


Understanding of the cost to build, clean, maintain and operate a facility, along with the services that will be provided, is critical in the early stages of the project. Educators educate. Architects design. Operators operate. All of these groups need to be brought together for the project to be successful.

Solutions. Delivered.


Supporting Boards and Steering Committees

With our 25+ years of experience in developing educational facilities, we can provide you with customized development advice and solutions to support your vision for providing world-class education. Our approach is collaborative, expert and rigorous.

We collaborate together to optimise development solutions by providing support to boards and steering committees through the development process.

Contact us to find out more about how we work with you and and the campuses that have succeeded with our advice

Our Educational Development Expertise

To assist educators to focus on their core business, ACADIQ can advise in the development of the following types of campus facilities, or to re-evaluate development and or operational strategies for institutions looking to expand or modify thier facilities.

  • Elementary, Middle and High School Campuses
  • University Campuses
  • Campus Masterplanning
  • Campus Expansions and Refurbishment
  • Athletic, Arts and Performance Spaces
  • Recreational Sport Facilities
  • Dormitories and Auditoriums

Our service offerings help educational institutions address specific needs throughout the life cycle of any development.

Development Advisory Services

Our Development Advisory team have strong market knowledge and ‘real-life’ development experience that will add value to your development projects.


With a focus on larger capital projects, our team solves development related problems and provides advice to board and steering committees, aiding decision making through research, expertise and analysis.


The team’s projects include all sectors of education inlcuding KG, Elementrary, Middle, High schools and Universities.

Project Delivery

On time and on budget to the standard you expect. There’s no other way we deliver a project. A good set-up phase will benefit delivery. This is the heavy lifting stage – procurement, tendering, negotiating building contracts, site management.


To this we add active management of risks, finance, cost control and valuations along with variations. Reporting, scheduling and RFI are new elements to be managed. There’s quality control. Design becomes detailed, defects are managed, close-out is planned.

Operational Advisory

Campus operations are a complicated process that requires a creative vision and robust knowledge and experience to bring it to life. It involves the organization of many interrelated tasks performed by many highly specialized professionals over a long period, which can often be a drain on an organization’s resources.


Keep your staff focused on your core business and outsource your development process to Acadiq. Our specialists provide the leadership needed to move the development process successfully