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What is a Project Based Advisory?

A project-based Advisory makes perfect sense for many educational developments. A bespoke hand-picked team of high-performing individual(s) can provide valuable insights to help inform and enhance the investment in the development, provide advice on designing to a particular curriculum or program, or implimenting best practices for operations during the pre-development stage.

Schools or Universities benefit from a project-based Advisory to deliver insights into managing scale, scope, design or operational sustainability, while their governance structure will benefit from targeted advisory support, deeper understanding of financial impacts, and best practices of educational institutions, internationally.

ACADIQ’s Advisory can unwrap the complexities of development and make it less intimidating.  We can also generate confidence for the governing board or management team to make the decisions required, whether these are design, financial or progress based.

ACADIQ brings the experience in delivering the highest quality educational development with years of experience and knowledge of best practices without the need to hire additional full time staff to supplement their management and development team.

‘More than a third (35%) of school and university development boards are using project-based Advisory to leverage their knowledge base, translating into savings and more efficient projects.’

Why choose a Project Based Advisory Service?

ACADIC’s Advisory services has a mandate to deliver specific advice, and to do so within a set scope, which is generally time and priority specific.

Two common versions of a Project Based Advisory include Development and Refurbishment. 

Many educational boards are experts in their fields, and boards often are constituted with volunteers. Campus development is both a specific market niche and very time consuming, and typically outside a Boards ability in time and skillbase. Boards often look to in house staff, who may have some knowledge of building, but lack a broad understanding of development, particularly when it comes to an expanded program or new requirements.

Advisory services reinforce, not replace your team with their knowledge, and ensure that you remain in control. We provide you with the options, benefits and pitfalls, along with a structure comparitive approach that gives your team the best resources possible for decision making.

Whatever the issue, the project-based approach of flexibility matched to professionalism proves a winning combination for your development and development team!

Who is a Project Based Advisor?

ACADIQ’s Advisory services works with Boards or Steering Committees to bring passionate professionals and volunteers committed to enhancing education together, with a focus on delivering bespoke solutions to meet budgets. Each Advisor brings with them a wealth of knowledge in the area of educational development expertise.

ACADIQ’s Advisors are high performing individuals who have have developed multiple educational campuses internationally, managed many projects, and clearly understand curriculums and how education operates at differing age brackets.

ACADIQ Advisors are not governing board members, and ACADIQ offers engagement options that are fully flexible and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organisation.

Ask us how!

  • 1. Consultation

    We discuss your needs and how we can best reinforce your team structure to deliver your vision

  • 2. Development

    We identify and provide options for all areas that are challenging the development, and guide the Board through the process

  • 3. Delivery

    We review design, operation and development needs to ensure that these meet the needs for the budget, program and operation

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