What We Do

How We Work

Proven expertise and support. When you need it, and how you need it! ACADIQ enables your project and engineering success.

The team at ACADIQ apply their expertise and experience to address particular project and development challenges that are faced by educational institutions internationally.

We employ a collegial approach, both internally and with clients, in order to maximise effectiveness through leverage of the available knowledge and insights.
We apply our expertise and experience objectively – objective and independent insight and focus can be a key factor in effectively addressing project and engineering challenges.

We undertand that Educational projects and developments have specific requirements and challenges, and our advisory services we are able to work together with your “day-to-day” and other project management and engineering teams, as well as with your other professional advisors (such as legal, financial, board and advisory groups) in a complementary and collaborative way .

We are also able to offer objective and independent analyses, assessments and other advisory and support, including through our “troubleshooting” services, such as remedial project and engineering consulting, operational improvements and dispute-related services and support.

Where We Work

Our services are offered “where our clients need us” – internationally, worldwide.

To provide best value for our clients, we are geared to operate not only in the physical space but in the ‘virtual space – enabling us to responsively and effectively service clients internationally, worldwide. This is particularly beneficial to clients who need require advice, are on a tighter time frame, or have limited budgets.

We ‘walk the talk‘ in the virtual space, with our operations specifically structured and coordinated around a flexible, responsive and distributed team model leveraging the virtual space. Through the virtual space and our operational model, we effectively bridge physical, country and timezone separations and enable successful engagement – worldwide!

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